Jean-Pierre CHATELET


After to Paul Cézanne

After to Van Gogh

Inspired by de Ben

After to Claude Monet

After to Edgar Degas

After to Auguste Renoir

After to Andy Warhol

Inspired by Henri Matisse

After to Johannes Vermeer

Inspired by Soulage

After to Pablo Picasso

After Edvard Munch

The « Albachromes »


With the series " Albachromes ", Jean-Pierre Chatelet joins once more in the lineage of his recurring interrogation.

Because even if he cannot deny the irresistible desire to destroy the sacred aura of these untouchable icons, it is to return them to the fact that they are above all paintings.

Even if he strips reveals them, deconstructs them, it is to succeed better in seizing, what in them fascinates him so much. By reproducing these known and recognized representational works, with such a radicalism, he tries to closely approach the creative intimacy of the artist.

By relieving these works of their colour and their formation which mask the pure movement of the painter, Jean-Pierre Chatelet reveals the original intention freed cleared of all the window dressings.


So the white, in its neutrality but also in its revealing of the subject according to the lighting and the point of view of the spectator, restores all its sense in the magic presence of these works.



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